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                      One up Two down

A scratching rig, Comprising of hook sizes 6 upto size 1 - with plenty of colour and glitter, an ideal rig for fishing when the tide is running, suitable for North Wales coast or the River Mersey. Baited with hook sized Lug / Squid, Lug / Mackerel cocktails fished hard on the sea bed this rig will catch a wide variety of fish such as Dabs, Whiting, Plaice, Gurnards etc. I always use 50lb clear mono for rig bodies and snoods as it is not uncommon for Huss, Rays and Tope to pick up a small bait

Three down Flowing

A simular rig as above the only difference is all the hooks are tight to the sea bed, still used for fishing a running tide using the same baits  it will catch exactly the same fish but tends to be better for Flatties, needs to be about 4' long from the swivel to the point hook and must be fish with a sliding boom to avoid tangles

Three own Wishbone

A variant of above only this one can be fished at any stage of tide, again this needs to be fished with a sliding boom but the trace only needs to be about 2' long

Three Boom Paternoster

Another scratching rig, snoods should be between 6" and 9" long as to avoid tangles, again using plenty of glitter an colour with hook sizes 6 to size 1 , notice the bottom boom is fixed close to the lead weight, this rig can be fished at any stage of tide but is best used over slack water as it very rarely tangles


Small white or silver seem to work best for Mackerel or Herring, although i'm not a lover of baited feathers brightly coloured ones with a hook size of 1 to 1/0 baited with a thumb size piece of mackerel or squid and fished hard on the sea bed are deadly for Tub Gurnards, large white feathers with hook size 5/0 or 6/0 bounced along the sea bed near a wreck can produce the odd Cod

Booby and Muppet trace

A heavy mono trace approx 4' long of around 150lb breaking strain with a Booby Bead and red or orange Muppet connected to a 5/0 up to 8/0 wide gape hook when baited with large pieces of Mackerel, Herring or Squid will produce Huss, Rays or Tope, fished around a wreck it will also produce Conger , Ling and Spurdogs

Two Hook Flowing Trace

A short trace of 50 to 60lb mono approx 3' long with a snood half way of approx 12" long with wide gape hooks of size 4/0 or 5/0 fished on the sea bed and baited with a fillet of Mackerel or Herring will take Rays or Huss and the odd Turbot, be care not to use this rig for Tope, Conger and Smooth Hounds as the second hook can be dangerous with lively fish thrashing about

Tope trace

A 6' heavy mono trace of 150 - 200lb breaking strain with a wide gape hook of 6/0 up to 8/0 baited with whole Mackerel or Herring is ideal for Tope or Conger, or the same of 3' long 50 - 60 lb with a wide gape hook of 3/0 to 4/0 baited with peeler crab or fresh prawn works well for Smooth Hound or Bass

Pennel Trace

2' 0f 50 - 60lb mono with two 4/0 or 5/0 wide gape hooks the top hook should be held inplace with a piece of rubber or pvc rig tube, baited with large Lug and Squid cocktails this rig is what we use for the Cod on the River Mersey

Uptide Boom

A 6" piece of Tube Boom with an 18" 50lb mono trace through the middle, a swivel at one end and a lead link at the other with beads acting as stops, this is perfect for uptide fishing, it also stops the boom from sliding all the way up the main line and because it can only slide a few inches when used with a grip lead it also helps the fish into self hooking

Two Hook Plaice Trace

A two hook flowing trace of clear mono approx 6' long with a short snood half way, hooks should be long shank sizes 1 or 2, I use Sakuma Phantoms, plenty of colour and glitter is needed along with a brightly coloured spoon of about 2" approx 6" from the point hook. When fishing for Plaice or Flounder I use a medium weight spinning rod with 2 or 3 ozs of lead. A good selection of bait is necessary, Lug, Rag, Peeler, Mackerel and squid cocktails

Flying Collar and Jelly Worm

Used in Wreck fishing for Pollack, a long wire boom of 18" with 15' - 20' of 20lb clear mono attached to a Jelly Worm, whilst drifting over the wreck this rig should be dropped onto the sea bed and retrieved at a steady rate, bites can be anything from a tiny pluck to almost having your rod pulled from your grasp, whatever the bite it is important not to strike or bully the fish

Notes on Rigs and Traces

I always us good quality hooks, line and swivels when tying rigs, the hooks that I use for my scratch rigs are either Sakuma Mini Manta or Sakuma Phantoms depending on the type of fish I want to target, I always use 50lb clear mono for bodies and snoods as you never know what you will catch, Tope, Huss and Rays will take small baits and I keep my snoods between 6" and 9" long as this reduces tangles. On some of the rigs I use wide gape hooks, the main reason being that I am using large baits and by using a wide gape hook I am not masking the point ( burying it in the bait ) and this allows for more successful hook ups. The hooks I use for this are Sakuma Manta

All rigs can be bought on our boats at a not to expensive price

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